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Brian Cunningham

Why we supply, fit & automate our gates

In this article, we explore the question:

Why the company that manufactured your gate, should also be the company to fit & automate your gate

Why the company that manufactured your gate, should also be the company to fit & automate your gate

We have never really understood when other companies promote getting a third-party tradesperson to fit a gate, or a third-party company to automate your gate. If the truth is known the manufacturing of the gate is the nice part. But really the magic and the finishing touches to your dream entrance happen at the fitting and gate automation stage. We would consider this stage of equal importance to manufacturing.

What happens with a supply-only option, or third-party sub-contracting

We’ve seen it where a client uses one company to manufacture a gate, a different company to fit the gate and another to automate the gate. While we hate to be negative we’ve seen it way too many times before, where other people’s clients come to us just to make their lives easier.

The pitfalls of this approach results are:

  1. Out-of-sync companies/trades or ‘partnerships’ with different priorities result in a headache and unnecessary coordination duties and stress for the client.
  2. Lack of ownership! Who is responsible if it doesn’t go right? Really it will be you, the client when the trade’s ‘blame game’ starts.
  3. Inconsistent standards: Often patchwork, it’s like a jigsaw with rough corners and edges, it just doesn’t fit like it’s supposed to.
  4. Who will honor the end-to-end warranty?
  5. Have you ever tried to get a third-party tradesperson to fit something, someone else has made – this is what nightmares are made of.

So what’s the alternative?

End-to-end service – The Leinster Gate Centre Difference

The team at the Leinster Gate Centre take great pride in delivering the product and installation service end-to-end. Genuinely that’s design, manufacture, supply, fit and automation – 100% in-house by Leinster Gate Centre. While the fitting service is hard work and the bit that everyone else shies away from, we believe that it’s just too important of a step for us to rely on anyone else other than our own professional gate fitting and technical crews. Highly trained individuals who work directly on our team.

Our approach results in

  • Less stress, and less hassle for the client with one point of contact delivering the end-to-end project.
  • We take full responsibility for delivering the end-to-end project from design, manufacturing, installation, technical commissioning, and after-sales service.
  • A better, neater, and safer Killeen installation as we can manufacture and assemble in an off-site controlled environment. We manufacture bespoke bracketry, cable containment, and supports to suit our fitting crews at your home. We have skin in the game so to speak, so therefore it’s important to us that your gate fits just perfectly.
  • We offer our guarantee on the end-to-end installation from the gate unit itself, the installation, the technical automation system and the accessories. No third parties to worry about as all of the quality control and standards are controlled under the one Leinster Gate Centre roof.
  • We have a team of highly trained operations and service coordinators led by our head of operations.  This teams’ sole job is service delivery, so you won’t find yourself having to chase us as we will arrive when we promise to.

So how do we achieve this

  • In-house Leinster Gate Centre Manufacturing
  • In-house Leinster Gate Centre fitting crews
  • In-house Leinster Gate Centre automation technicians
  • In-house Leinster Gate Centre project managers and coordinators
  • In-house Leinster Gate Centre Service managers and coordinators.

We hope that this article helps you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of employing one team of experts versus outsourcing the tasks to multiple providers.

If you are looking for a hassle-free and no-nonsense approach to your new gate project, get in touch with our Gate gurus at Leinster Gate Centre today.