A leading Italian brand. Since 1972, the year in which the company was founded, CAME has been producing the widest range of operators for residential and industrial entrances, car parks and access control systems, as well as developing home automation and intruder alarm systems.

By constantly innovating and acquiring new brands and specialist know-how, CAME can rely on world-class consolidated expertise to provide control of the home globally (automation – intruder alarms – home automation) in the field of systems for large public facilities and the management of urban and public areas, offering integrated solutions to meet all needs of people-flow and access control controlling and monitoring.

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Residential Gate Automation

We only use CAME for our residential gate automation projects because they are safe, reliable, hassle-free, and the absolute best we can offer to you.

Frog AE
CAME ATS Overground rams
ATS Rams

3 years automation guarantee


We offer Ireland’s longest genuine warranty on CAME automation; our automation is professionally installed by our trained gate automation technicians.

We’re so confident in our product and installation that we offer the industry best guarantee on professional gate automation.

Connect App

Effortless control of your entrance systems

CAME Connect is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows you to remotely manage your automation systems at the touch of a button, via your smartphone or PC, using CAME’s Automation app or a dedicated web page.

Joining the Internet of Things (IoT) world, this technology exploits a cloud connection and lets you connect all your CAME operators to the internet. Just add a Connect gateway product to your system to enable data to be exchanged with the CAME Connect platform.


CAME Connect
  • Smart integration for your CAME automation and third-party devices
  • See who is calling & speak to a visitor from anywhere
  • Open gate automatically for deliveries
  • Receive system support updates
  • Choose from a range of hardware
  • Integrate with third-party smart devices
  • Secure connection

Hey Alexz
gate app

Alexa Compatible

‘Hey Alexa, open my Gates” – Option for Amazon Alexa Integration – Your gates are ready and compatible with Amazon Alexa.

SMART CONNECT APP now included as standard.

Control your gates from anywhere! We promised you the smartest gates available and now our CONNECT APP is included in your package as standard at no extra cost. This also includes 10 years’ worth of free data!

Safety and Performance monitored 24/7 as standard.

Aftercare service is just as important as the day of the initial installation, your gate is connected to our secure cloud service where we can carry out configuration adjustments at your request, monitor the on-going performance and safety of your gates and diagnose faults should it be required. Never before has service been more instant and connected.


Enter the world of video door phones, modular entry panels, vandal-resistant MTM, video & audio entry panels & receivers. 

Discover the range of CAME MTM modular intercoms

CAME MTM Modular intercoms

MTM is an extremely extensive modular range: it is furnished with modules that function on 5 different systems and that allow numerous functions to be performed. The basic design makes the external unit attractive on all surfaces and, at the same time, functional in daily use. The aluminium satin finishes ensure brightness and long duration, while the attention to the details enabled small refinements such as the elimination of the speaker holes and the dual colour backlighting of the keys.

  • Satin finish anodized natural aluminium finish
  • A unique design free of the typical holes for the speaker
  • Direct connection to an analogue camera (X1 audio)
  • High-efficiency illuminator with an anti-glare diffuser
  • Sound and visual alerts (selected models only)
  • HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology
  • Blue or white backlit tag holders with brightness settings
  • MiniUSB front panel for firmware updating and programming
  • Up to 98 button calls and unlimited digital calls

Explore intercom functionality

1. Wired audio intercom 2. GSM audio intercom 3. Video intercom

Commercial Automation with CAME






One of the leading brands we use for commercial automation projects. Solutions are proposed based on detailed exploratory discussion with our client. Complete in the form below or call to us today about your requirements.

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