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Brian Cunningham

Places to eat near Leinster Gate Centre

We have put together a list of some of the best places to eat around Enfield, Co. Meath.

TL;DR We’ve made a map with the highlights

View it here:

Coffee shops

  1. Nomad Coffee Bar
  2. Black Dog Coffee
  3. The Koffee Well
  4. Street Side Café

Cafes & Restaurants

  1. Bridge House Enfield
  2. Cesare’s Enfield
  3. Street Side Café
  4. Enfield Chinese Restaurant

Pubs with Restaurants

  1. The Bridge House, Enfield
  2. The Gregory Inn, Enfield
  3. The Slighe Mor, Enfield
  4. Murty’s Bar, Johnstown Bridge
  5. Fureys Bar, Moyvalley

Hotels with Restaurants

  1. The Johnstown Estate
  2. Hamlet Court Hotel
  3. Moyvalley Hotel & Golf Resort

Service Stations with extras:

  1. Costa Coffee Enfield Eastbound
  2. Costa Coffee Enfield Westbound

On both sides of the M4 at Enfield – the motorway plazas have a great selection of concessions including Applegreen shop, Braeburn CoffeeBurger KingCosta CoffeeThe Bakewell plus westbound only: Freshii

  • Applegreen – almost straight across the road from Killeen Gate Centre – essential groceries + coffee station.
  • EMO Enfield – essential groceries, coffee station & deli.
  • Maxol Greville’s – hardware & DIY, essential groceries & coffee station

There’s plenty more options

Of course, there are some great takeaways & grocery stores in the local areas too, if you want to eat on the go.