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Large commercial & industrial gates

Range of purposes

Leinster Gate Centre has delighted gate customers in many locations & settings – from residential and commercial, to industrial and agricultural

Our large gates are made from the best quality steel, timber and PVC. Read about our standards.

If you have an existing entrance gate, we can match to that design.

Designed and made to order

All of our gates are made to order by our expert fabricators in our premises in Co. Meath. This means that our designs can be customised according to your requirements or you can design your own. Find out more information on how our sales process works. Read about our 10 Year Structural Guarantee.

Sliding automation for large gates

Large gates require automation capable of taking their weight along with being able to withstand strong winds and regular use.

Our experienced automation team will only use the world’s leading brands for automation on our own world leading gate manufacture.

This policy allows us to stand over our gates and our automation.

CAME Sliding motor
CAME Sliding motor

Retrofit automation services

It may be possible to retrofit automation to your existing large gate. This could be using overground arms for swing gates, or sliding motor with a ground rail.

Is there a power supply at the entrance? If not, talk to us about arranging that for you.

Maintenance contracts

All large gates should be inspected and serviced regularly, with the frequency dependant on usage. This is another service that Leinster Gate Centre provides.

Complete the form below to get a call back on maintenance contracts for large commercial, industrial or agricultural gates.

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