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Founded in 1956, Comelit Group SpA is an industrial company operating on a worldwide scale and specialising in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control and fire protection systems. The company has a strong international vocation thanks to its close ties with the area where it was created and in which its headquarters are still located today (Val Seriana, to be precise).
Comelit has always placed mankind at the centre of its vision. This humanist approach is evident in the company’s focus on its employees, in the organisation of its working environment, in the ethics governing its relationships with suppliers and distributors, and in the partnership it fosters with installers. Every Comelit product expresses this vision, constructed on the basis of enduring values.

The coolest video and audio intercoms around.

Comelit exports to over 70 countries worldwide and, in addition to its Italian headquarters, has 15 branches located in strategic areas in which the company operates: from Europe to the Far East, the United States and the Middle East. This articulated sales structure integrates shared know-how with the awareness of specific requirements in each market.  Comelit makes constantly looking to the future its mission. Innovation through continuous investment in manpower and technology finds an outlet in the design of new solutions dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life by maximising simplicity and functionality.

Proud to be rooted in Milan and part of Design Milano district Comelit products are recognised for their designs & creativity.

The innovative use of technology & collaborative integrations has led to the finest range of home automation and access controls.
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Mini Wi-Wif now Alexa compatible

Leinster Gate Centre & Comelit

We offer a premium range of Comelit products, including

  • Style 5 kit – Wired audio-only door entry phone kit and intercom. Style Kit 5 has an original and innovative design characterised by its unmistakable and exclusive blue LEDs
  • Strong and stylish IKall, metal entrance panel – Wired audio intercom with integrated keypad, audio button and touch button keys.
  • Comelit Quadra – video intercom – wired (no keypad)
  • Mini wi-fi video intercom with an integrated keypad (wired) – wireless door entry monitor with a unique and original style, incorporating the most hi-tech materials, simple lines, clean shapes.

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