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Brian Cunningham

How to set CAME FROG to manual override

Thank you very much for choosing Leinster Gate Centre for the supply and installation of your gate automation.

On rare occasions, such as power failure, you might want to disconnect your gate automation and set the gates to operate manually.

In this video, Brian runs through the steps required to activate the manual override/release of the CAME FROG underground swinging gate operator in the event of power failure.

Follow the steps below:

How to disengage the operator

Upon the installation of your gate, our service engineer would have given two override keys that  look similar to this:

CAME FROG handle
Key used to open CAME FROG AE

In the event of power failure, you can use these keys to manually unlock the gate and gain access to your premises.

The very first thing you need to note is which side your gate needs to open first. Most of our gates will have an overlap slam bar meaning that one gate has to open before the second one can pass it. Start with the side that opens first

It’s very simple to undo the gates. You will find that there’s a lock underneath each half of the gate, with a dust cover over the keyhole.

  1. You move the dust cover out of the way
  2. Insert your handle pointing towards your pillar. You’re turning that handle, a little over a half a turn to unlock Sometimes there might be a little bit of resistance behind it, you might have to put a  small bit of force into it to open the lock
  3. And that’s it, it simply disengages the gate from the drive mechanism. You can push and pull the gate over and back.

How to reengage the mechanism

When the power resumes and the gates come back on, you now need to re-engage your gate onto the drive mechanism

  1. If you look down on the top of the box, you’ll see the drive mechanism has a little notch out of it where the lock actually locks into and the trick is to bring the gate back on top of that drive arm.
  2. Line it back up put your lever(key) back pointing away from the pillar
  3. Turn it a little over a quarter turn back until you can push no more
  4. Once you re-lock your gate, just remember to  cover the lock hole with the dust cap to stop any grit from getting in and causing issues with the lock

Also, just to note that the locks are accessible from both outside of your premises and the inside.

So, if you arrive home, you have the key in your car in the glove box, ready to access the gates if  you arrive home to a power failure

Thank you for using Leinster Gate Centre and if you have any difficulty operating any of our gates, please feel free to call our service desk and they can talk you through it.

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