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Brian Cunningham

How to set CAME BXV to manual override

Thank you for choosing Leinster Gate Centre for supplying your gate automation.

On rare occasions, such as power failure, you might want to disconnect your gate automation and set the gates to operate manually.

In this video, Brian runs through the steps required to activate the manual override/release of the CAME BXV overground sliding gate motor.

Follow the steps below:

How to disengage the motor

Step 1 – Locate the manual override key

When our engineer installed your gate, they will have completed a handover with you demonstrating how to put your CAME BXV overground sliding motor to manual release..  During the handover, they will have given you two manual override keys, small little black triangular keys.

They look like this one:

CAME - black nylon override key
CAME – black nylon override key

Step 2 – Open the dust cover & Insert the key

Go to the front of your sliding gate motor. You will see that there is a round black dust cover covering the access to the keyhole. If you pull down that dust cover you’ll see that your key will sit in that hole.

Step 3 – Turn the key to release the handle

  • Turn the key anti-clockwise, one-quarter of a turn.
  • The override handle will open & pop out from the motor.

Step 4 – Unlock the override handle 3 times

On the override handle, you’ll see that there is a small image showing the direction to turn to unlock which is anti-clockwise.

  • Turn that handle three (3) times anti-clockwise until you hear a small click and you will find that your gate is now in manual release.
  • You can push it over and just be careful your fingers don’t get stuck in rollers when you’re opening it

When power returns

On the return of power, say it’s an ESB power outage and the power is back you can do all the steps in reverse.

Step 5 – Twist the handle

  • Go to the handle, turn it 3 times in a clockwise direction
  • Push the handle in and the handle engages back into the lock.
  • If you give your gate a little pull and see that it is now re-engaged

Step 6 – Click on your remote control

If you use your zapper or your phone system, trigger your gate, and it will automatically find its way home.
And it’s as simple as that!

As always, if you’ve any issues with your gates please pick up the phone and contact our in-house customer support.