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Brian Cunningham

How to set CAME AXO to manual override

Thank you very much for choosing Leinster Gate Centre for the supply and installation of your gate automation.

On rare occasions, such as power failure, you might want to disconnect your gate automation and set the gates to operate manually.

In this video, Brian runs through the steps required to activate the manual release/override of the CAME AXO overground operator.

Follow the steps below:

How to unlock the operator

When our engineer commissioned and signed off on your gate, they will have left two little keys – black nylon keys with a triangular-shaped hole on the end of them. That is your override key.

Nylon key
Black nylon key for unlocking CAME gate automation

If you have a power outage and you want to manually your gate. It’s very simple, just two steps:

  1. You just slide back the dust cover on the top of the motor and insert the key.
  2. Turn the key anti-clockwise until you hear a click and you simply pull & push your gate open and close as if it was an ordinary manual gate.

How to restore the mechanism

If the power resumes after a certain amount of time and you want to relock your gate simply push your gate back to any position:

  1. Insert the key
  2. Turn it back until you hear the click
  3. And just check that your gate is now locked in & engaged
  4. At this stage, if you press your remote control or call your gates. 
    It will go through one full cycle and set itself back up.
  5. Once you re-lock your gate, just remember to  cover the lock hole with the dust cap to stop any grit from getting in and causing issues with the lock

As always, if you have any issues with our automation or your gates. Please feel free to call our “After Sales Service”