Turnstile installation, automation & maintenance

Turnstile gates are commonly used to control & monitor pedestrian access & crowd control on premises – fitted both internally & externally.
Solutions can be designed to operate hand in hand with security access control software, real-time people counting systems/controllers and fire regulations. Data can be integrated with access control for verified body counts. Killeen Engineering can design your full access control system and integrate it with world-leading brands.

Types of turnstile design options include:

  • Half-height or full height.
  • Motor powered tripod
  • Swingleaf
  • Swivel gates/leaf.
  • Turnstiles can be single or double width.

Our services include installation, certification & maintenance.

Every turnstile project includes a site survey

Book a consultation for advice on the right solution for your specific access control requirements and to book a site survey.

Project: Turnstile at WaterWipes

Brand: CAME BTX400 N1-S/100
Description: Full-height pedestrial turnstile to control access featuring a high degree of security and bi-directional access. The requirement for full control and awareness of persons entering and exiting buildings and premises. Operation is via rotor system. Lights indicate when entrance is permitted. 98mm gap between upright bars, complies with UK Health and Safety Standards and supplied optionally with different materials.

Click here to view CAME BTX400 datasheet

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